Zooming Along…

We had a rousing Zoom meeting on Monday (thanks, Knut)  many attendees, almost an hour and a half!

There will be a town board meeting tomorrow night (4-9) closed to the public but recorded and available on the Town of Jay’s website. Wally updated us on the Cobb campaign and the challenges of going virtual. We also discussed the divisive GOP tactics in NY (namely, ventilators) and nationally. Joe and I submitted some letters to newspapers (update – my two will be published), Joe suggested we submit letters nationally – it’s easy to do, and it makes a difference.

The group discussed the possibility of reaching out to the community to help, Knut will bring that forward to the town. Joe and Lynn suggested contacting the Essex County Office for the Aging, which I did. They will contact us with any opportunities to help those in need.

A motion to endorse Claudia Brammer carried and I am writing the letter on behalf of the committee.

Here, to test out the image upload functionality, is the NY Dem Primary Ballot. No, you can’t write in Cuomo.

NY Primary Ballot

Thanks to Marisol for setting up this blog posting capability!

Frank Pagano, JDC Chair