Town of Jay

As of the 2000 census, there were 2,306 people, and per the 2010 census 2,506 people.  The American Fact Finder estimates 2017 population at 2,709 people.  There is a quite high margin of error, roughly 10%.  Nevertheless, the Town of Jay is experiencing population growth.  The Town of Jay is not very racially diverse with over 97% of the population being white.

Median age and income seems to be trending upwards as well, and current median age is estimated at 46 years, with a fairly even split between a male and female.   Median family income is estimated, by American Fact Finder Survey, at roughly $58,000 per year, which would indicate a very strong growth over the 2000 census which listed median family income at $39,954. Poverty levels are estimated at below 4%.


There is an estimated 1611 housing units in the Town of Jay, out of which 1,075 are occupied, and 536 vacant.  The median housing value is $150,000, and the estimated median monthly housing cost is $872.

Average commute to work is 25-30 minutes, and main occupations are (percentages are estimates):

  1. Education, Health, and Social Services at 22%
  2. Arts, recreation, hospitality at 16%
  3. Retail at 14%
  4. Public administration at 11%
  5. Construction at 8%

All above data compiled from the American Fact Finder;

As of April 30, 2019 there were 1685 registered voters in the Town of Jay.  There is a very even split of 586 registered Democrats as well as 586 registered Republican.  Balance of voters are primarily non-affiliated or independent.