Notes from October 31 ECDC Meeting

meeting notes

– Good turnout, about 15 delegates. The meeting mostly centered on the early voting status. The new voting machines are being used, they are easier to set up and just as easy for voters to use. There have been no problems with the new machines.
– The on-demand ballot printers and poll pads are being used as before, no issues and the voters are comfortable with them. The printers and pads eliminate the need for ballot books and poll books, saving the expense and waste of printing them.
– Election results will be available after 11pm at the BoE website.
– The ECDC offered to pay for PO boxes for the committees.
– New committees are being encouraged for Chesterfield and for Newcomb.
– Family court judge Meyer will retire at the end of 2024. This is a county-level position and we expect a Democrat to campaign for it.
– No December meeting.