New York for Biden

Biden’s campaign is ramping up here. Yesterday over 600 New Yorkers called in. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries led off with an update from Capitol Hill. The best part was his answer regarding Trump’s expulsion from the White House using Federal Marshals if he won’t go willingly on Jan 21. I thought the question wasn’t serious but I think the party leadership is actually strategizing for that.

Did you know early voting in North Carolina – a swing state – begins on September 9?

Everyone knows I dislike phone banking, it seems archaic and annoying. Guess what? The phone bankers are saying that they are astounded at the positive reaction to their calls, respondents are “eager and enthusiastic”! So…I might give it another try.

If you want to help the campaign, they advise getting the TeamJoe app, or going to There’s also a Facebook page at

The campaign is hosting a social media disinformation boot camp series, available here:

They will need volunteers for phone banking and postcards, among other things. Opportunities should be available on the websites:,, or the app.

Biden’s statewide rallies and other virtual events are accessible here: