Minutes from May 13 Meeting


(Courtesy of Marie-Anne)

11 Attendees.

Call to order at 7pm

The meeting was turned over to Congressional candidate Scott Phillip Lewis, from Lake Placid, who is running as an independent in NY-21.

  • He is still petitioning for signatures and traveling throughout region standing in front of stores (has 1000).
  • He was born and raised in Syracuse and attended the National Sports Academy for a year and has been living in LP/SL since ’21, considered running in ’22.
  • Running as Independent because he’s tired of gridlock and considers 2 party system as problematic.
  • He says running against Elise is a “no brainer” and “she doesn’t do anything for area but has enriched herself.”
  • Feels there’s room for improvement especially since Covid in terms of economy.
  • Wants to reach out to both sides of the aisle and believes in bipartisanship.
  • Supports Biden. Goal is to address border, healthcare, safeguarding democracy, civil rights, vets, Air BnB.
  • Addressed a DUI in his past which was he says was exploited by a police program Live PD which he sued. He also has lawsuits against a number of entities including Essex County. He feels his constitutional rights have been infringed upon.
  • Licensed in Finance also has a startup to address falsities as a citizen journalist
  • Top issues: Health care, Veterans, Housing.
  • Questions from committee
    • Working on LP residency. Housing crisis affects him, hard to rent especially with a pet.
    • Lawsuits: Called “vexatious” by a judge. Represents himself in court. Intent is to hold those in power accountable. Sued Adirondack Medical Center due to inadequate treatment for Medicaid patients. Doctors and practitioners don’t treat him properly. Fighting arrest for operating a motor vehicle without insurance.
    • Also Federal lawsuits. Represents himself because attorneys often “gaslight” him.
    • Petitioning status. Hard to do in the North Country while using public transportation. But he has 1000 of 3500 signatures so far.
    • FEC filing. Not required, under $5k limit, but plans to do it soon.
    • Initially ran as a Dem but realized he wasn’t a registered Democrat.


  • Return to regular agenda, abbreviated due to time.
  • Treasurer’s report. Balance is $449.
  • Jay Comprehensive Plan grant. NYDEC $66,690 added to town funds toward a $75,000 total budget overseen by Town Board. It will not make suggestions without town input. A contract with DEC is pending; no money until August and will hire a consultant; public kickoff in September with a community survey, public hearings. two phases (1) what vision do we want for the future ( 2040) lot of detail work raised by public. (2) “The How”, through community Planning Board land use and housing, Economic development, infrastructure, Parks committee recreation. Meetings will be open. Website will provide info to public. Last Comprehensive Plan was in 1997 and it languished on a shelf with no implementation plan.
  • Democratic candidate forum planned at New Vida this summer. Coordinating with ECDC

·       Next JWDC (in person!) meeting planned for Monday, June 17, 7pm at the Jay Community Center.