Minutes for January 8, 2024 JWDC 7pm Zoom Meeting


(Courtesy of Marie-Anne, Secretary)

Eight members and two guests were present.

Call to order 7:05 pm

Guest speaker: NY-21 Congressional candidate Brian Rouleau, Working Families Party, called from his hospital bed, where he’s recovering from a heart operation (!!). “Unabashed leftist, the only (sic) candidate who actually lives in the District”. (Elise Stefanik claims residence in Schuylerville, but she essentially lives in Washington, DC. Jill Lochner,(R) who spoke to the J&WDC in April, 2023, lives in Greenfield Center, on the southern border of NY21.  Steven Holden (D) plans to move to the district.)

Brian is married, has two children, and works in Messina. He was first elected to School Board at age 19. He’s motivated to run because “there’s a desperate need to give local people a voice. We must leave a better world for our kids, who go to great schools in the district, then leave it upon graduation to pursue good jobs.”

Brian is running outside the two-party system, as a WFP candidate, “so I’m not obligated to either party. I can represent the people of the district.” He supports codifying Roe v. Wade, “uncapping the House”, universal healthcare, removing the earnings tax limit on Social Security, and redistributing income. He considers himself a Democratic Socialist and voted for Bernie Sanders twice.

Uncapping the House involves repealing the Apportionment Act, which capped the number of House members at 435. Brian proposes replacing it with a requirement for one House Congressional Representative per 50,000 residents. This would result in about 7,000 Representatives, a number that’s difficult for lobbyists to effectively influence and better represent their districts.

Brian encouraged JWDC feedback at brianforny21@gmail.com

The meeting continued its regular order.

  • The committee nominated and approved the incumbent officers for 2024: Frank Pagano, Chair, Marie-Anne Ward, Secretary, and Knut Sauer, Treasurer.
  • Treasurer’s report – $401 balance. Suggestion to do more fundraising in 2024, it’s a major election year.
  • Idea – boost selected Facebook posts to enlarge number of followers.
  • Postcarding to help elect Tom Suozzi (D) in the February 13 special NY-3 Congressional election. This is the seat formerly held by the expelled George Santos (R). Flipping this district would be a major win for the Dems. Request your list of names, addresses and a script here.
  • ECDC November meeting notes.
  • Petitioning for Jason Clark to be a Biden delegate for our district is complete. The JDC collected 26 of about 150 signatures, so we definitely pulled our weight!
  • A person from Black Brook contacted us regarding inclusion of Black Brook’s Dems into our committee. They’re certainly welcomed and we would help them get established as a committee under the purview of the Clinton County Democratic Committee.

Regular order was suspended at this point for our second guest speaker, Amy Quinn, soon-to-be-announced candidate for Essex County Judge. Amy introduced herself, gave her background and outlined what the job entails. She currently works as the Essex County Principle Court Attorney for Judge Meyers who is retiring from the position for which she is running.

If elected, Amy would be the first woman and first Democrat in the position and the first Democrat to hold countywide office in 40 years. Because of her role since 2006, she would hit the ground running overseeing Family Court, Surrogate Court and Superior Criminal Court. She is a highly motivated, involved community member, volunteer, multiple boards participant, and 46er (#8202).

We resumed regular order to discuss:
  • Redistricting – could affect our Assembly district.
  • Building town committees: Chesterfield, Newcomb, Moriah…and Black Brook?
  • ECDC Delegates interested in becoming a Notary Public can have their expenses paid for by the ECDC.
  • Town of Jay update. Knut
  • Attempting to schedule NY-21 Congressional candidate Steven Holden, Democratic Party and NY-115
    Assembly member Billy Jones,
  • Next JWDC meeting will be February 12, via Zoom.

The meeting ended at 8:10pm.

Reminder to communicate with elected representatives: Elise Stefanik: (202) 225-4611, Dan Stec: (518) 743-
0968, Billy Jones: (518) 562-1986