Minutes for April 8, 2024 J&WDC 7pm Zoom Meeting


Six attendees.

Call to order

Guest: Attorney Paula Collins, PLLC Democratic candidate for Congress, NY-21. Thanked the group for petitioning ,”tragedy if seat went uncontested”

Cannabis attorney.

Bought land in Rensselaer County, the title isn’t clear so closing hasn’t happened. Also it’s no longer in the 21st. That is ok in NYS. Law office is in NYC but she has rented an apartment in Canton.

“No, you are not going to corrupt my democracy. Not on my watch”

The issues:

Universal broadband, “Sycophant Stefanik”, benefits from slow roll out as it literally keeps people uninformed, prevents people form moving here to telecommute, young people don’t come back here, and telemedicine is hard to access  Rural Electrification Act from the 30s could be leveraged to get funding.

The Border: Has traveled the district and it is top of her mind. She used to live in Texas and appreciates how difficult an issue it is.

Stefanik recently visited the border and claimed increased arrests were due to failed Biden policies. She voted against the bipartisan border deal.

Healthcare: Healthcare is difficult to access in the region. She would propose an AmeriCorps-type program to fill positions from aide to physician and have student loan forgiveness to incentivize.

Education: Rural schools under threat

Not just a campaign for her it is a mission to raise these issues. Despair of the red sweeps the region.

Working Families Party endorsed her.

Wants to craft her message to get Dems and those who voted for Obama but switched to Trump.

Needs door knocking and wants to facilitate Zoom meet ups.

Fundraising outside the state. Stefanik is reviled nationally.

Steve Holden didn’t file nor did Jill Lochner who had meant to primary Elise on the GOP ticket.