Last Night’s Meeting

Lighter than normal turnout for last night’s meeting but we still had about a dozen attendees, including candidates and new attendees (Kathy Connelly and Ed Harstead, Dems from Jay). Here are some highlights while I’m thinking of it.
  • Two guest candidates from Jay introduced themselves and took questions. Carol Greenley Hackel, Republican candidate for Town of Jay Clerk, and Jody Trautner Hart, Independent candidate for Town of Jay Council. I thought both presentations were excellent.
  • I took an action to contact Pat Devlin (JRC Chair) and ask if he’d agree to a joint Jay News post regarding campaign sign theft and defacement. The candidates report about a quarter of their signs are removed. That’s a big problem this year because they aren’t typically running door to door campaigns.
  • I took another action to invite the remaining Jay town candidates to our next meeting – which will be Tuesday, October 5.
  • The communications committee is revving up again. Marisol is leading this if anyone is interested in assisting.
  • Wally is working with the JRC on the candidate forum, to be held mid October at the community center gym.
Frank Pagano
JWDC Chair