JWDC Meeting conducted over Zoom on 1/10/22

JWDC Meeting conducted over Zoom on 1/10/22. Fifteen attendees.
  • Guest: Lonny Koons, Primary Candidate for 21st Congressional District.
  • Resolved – Resolution calling for change in NY Dem Party Leadership revised and sent to ECDC for discussion at Jan 24 meeting.
  • Thanks to Gene Hoffman for unsuccessfully running for JFD Commissioner. The election process seemed a bit sketchy.
  • Wally Walters is stepping down in order to assume the presidency of the Ausable River Association board.
  • Marie-Anne Ward is replacing Wally as JWDC secretary.
  • Knut Sauer will be nominated to replace Wally as ECDC delegate.
  • Update on status of cannabis town law permissive referendum petition. It appears sufficient signatures have been obtained.
  • Discussion on January 10 Essex County Board of Elections organizational meeting. We were advised to attend this meeting to advocate for reopening JEMS as a polling site, and the JRC chair also attended to support the request. It seemed that this wasn’t the proper forum to discuss this issue. Nevertheless…we shall persist!