Juneteenth Meeting

June 19th Meeting

We had a nice turnout at the Recovery Lounge, including guest North Elba Town Council candidate Fred Balzac. Fred was a long time Jay resident, a business owner and active in initiatives such as the the covered bridge construction a decade ago. Fred was also a candidate for town supervisor, back in the day. He discussed the issues in Lake Placid, particularly short term rentals and its effect on the community.

Tim Follos (D), JWDC member and Wilmington Town Supervisor candidate, then spoke about his campaign and a town hall meeting scheduled for July 1 at the Recovery Lounge at 7pm. At that event Eric Boucher, NYC Council Member, originally from Wilmington, will formally endorse Tim for Supervisor and Laura Driessigacker-Hooker (D) for Wilmington Town Council. Tim is part of a coalition that includes Laura and an independent Town Council candidate, Randy Winch.

Tim asked for help sending postcards to advertise the event and with his campaign in general. The JWDC agreed to formally endorse him.

Supervisor Matt Stanley discussed the many initiatives and projects in the Town of Jay: the first-in-the-county land bank project on Springfield Road, progress on applying for a grant to update the town’s Comprehensive Plan, Main Street revitalization, the Economic Development committee, and the Climate Smart task force. The town is working with the Jay Fire Department on the annual July 4 parade and fireworks, the 225 year celebration of the town’s founding. The revitalized Planning Board, chaired by Melinda Beuf (JWDC member in attendance) is a success story, fully staffed and even more trained and organized.

We discussed the June 27 primary election (only Republicans can vote for one office, County Clerk, there are no Democratic challengers). We also reiterated the need for Election Inspectors…notably our Republican friends and family!

Reminder to contact our elected representatives and let them know where we stand. (I’m still awaiting a reply from our Congresswoman’s office…)

Next meeting is July 17 at the Jay Community Center, 11 School Lane, Au Sable Forks. The meeting room is across from the gym.