July 8, 2024 Meeting



11 attendees including guest Joe Montello. Joe spoke to us regarding his resignation from Tractor Supply, a situation documented in previous posts. He then took questions from the committee. Joe was one of the most inspiring speakers we’ve had in our several years of meetings.

We discussed the Treasurer’s report and thanked Robin for offering to transfer $491 in leftover campaign funds to the committee.

Robin updated us on the New Vida event on September 4, at 7pm. Planning is on track, several details such as ticket prices and food service are still in work. Contact jaydemocrats@gmail.com if you’d like to help.

Sue updated us on Jay Day, August 24 10-4p at the Jay Green. We have equipment and some coverage but more volunteers to staff the table would be better. Contact the email address above if interested.

Matt updated us on today’s County Legislator meeting. Democratic BoE chair Mary McGowan expressed interest in restoring JEMS as a voting site!

Next meeting is Monday, August 12, at the Community Center…and possibly with a Zoom option if we can arrange the logistics.