February 27, 2024 ECDC Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes

20+ attendees. There’s a lot happening in Essex County, and a lot of interest amongst the delegates. Here are some highlights:

  • Poll workers are needed for the April 2 Presidential primary. Early voting sites are North Elba and Lewis, March 23 – 30.
  • Sample Primary Ballots: Jay and Wilmington.
  • Delegate Stephanie Gublein shared her experiment regarding petitions and voter turnout. Door to door petitioning is an effective way to increase voter turnout.
  • Essex County Judicial candidate Amy Quinn updated us on her campaign.
  • Chair Maggie Bartley discussed open seats for the upcoming November election, notably Wilmington Town Justice.
  • There was some discussion on redistricting but it’s essentially irrelevant for our area.
  • The committee voted unanimously to endorse candidates Amy Quinn, Billy Jones and Kristen Gillibrand.
  • A second Democrat, Paula Collins, announced her candidacy for Congress in our district. I contacted her and invited her to our March meeting.
  • Petitioning started January 27 and should be turned in April 1st. The deadline is April 4th. Candidates and delegates are circulating petitions and there will be opportunities to assist them. These are the ‘designating’ petitions, meaning they are associated with the major political parties. The independent petitioning season begins April 18 and ends May 21.
  • Next meeting is April 30 and you don’t have to be an ECDC delegate to attend. There’s a lot of activity in our area, most of it encouraging for Dems and Independents who are pro-US, pro-democracy, pro-liberty, more interested on solving problems affecting our community rather than simply campaigning on them.