Elected Officers & Delegates

Chairperson: Frank Pagano
& JWDC Delegate and Vice Chair o the Essex County DC

Frank PaganoMy wife Sue and I are retired, living off-grid in a little old cabin we bought decades ago. I mostly stay active by volunteering in emergency services here and as an inmate educator at Ray Brook. I’m honored to serve on the JDC, one of the many grass-roots organizations revitalized by the calamitous 2016 election. 

I think the JDC merely resumes our community’s heritage of political activism. Many years ago, townspeople facilitated the Underground Railroad that passed through here. John Brown, the abolitionist who led the raid on Harper’s Ferry, settled in nearby North Elba. Rockwell Kent, the famous painter and political activist, lived at Asgaard Farm. I’m proud to be associated with a group that respects and builds upon our historical legacy.

Vice Chairperson: VACANT


Secretary: Marie-Anne Azar Ward

Marie-Anne Azar WardMarie-Anne Azar Ward lives in Jay and considered herself apolitical until the last administration. She was spurred to register as a Democrat and recently joined the Jay/Wilmington Democratic committee. As a first generation American child of Lebanese immigrants, Marie-Anne values a true democracy. With a BA in English from St. Michael’s College in Vermont, she worked for over a decade at MLPBS in Plattsburgh, wrote home features for a local magazine and maintained a long time involvement in both the Upper Jay Library and Keene Central School from which her twins graduated last June. Marie-Anne now works side by side with her husband, Jeff at Ward Pine Mill. 


Treasurer – Knut Sauer
& JWDC Delegate to the Essex County DC

Actively working as a senior executive at an international sales and marketing firm, and Town of Jay Council member.  Passionate about the Adirondacks and the Town of Jay, and love the outdoors.  Truly enjoy my community involvement at many local organizations, either as a member or as a volunteer, where I get to meet so many other like-minded people and can give back to the community.

Communication Coordinator – Marisol Sauer
& JWDC Delegate to the Essex County DC

Marisol-Sauer-ARVBA-Annual-Meeting-Elfenwood-FarmMarried, a mother of 2 grown boys, and a creative designer who works with HTML, CSS, and many other programs and applications.  When not working on a project or enjoying our beautiful Adirondack nature, I am actively participating in local organizations like the Au Sable Valley Rotary Club, the Essex County Democratic Committee, and the Town of Jay Democratic Committee, or out volunteering with the North Country SCPA,  ORDA at many of their events and venues,  The Au Sable Acres Property Owners Association, Friends of Hurricane Mountain, and the Au Sable Forks Fast Pitch Tournament Committee, among others.

I am passionate about the outdoors and EVERYTHING it has to offer – I enjoy hiking, traveling, gardening, wildlife, ocean life, animals and I am sure I can come up with a few more 😊 Oh and I love photography.