ECDC Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes

Lots of energy in January’s meeting:

Assembly Member Billy Jones (D) joined from Albany, where the legislature is in session. He represents the 115th district, which includes Jay, Wilmington, Keene, St. Armand, and North Elba.

  • Currently the priority is the state budget, targeted for April 1.
  • Redistricting ‘absolutely’ won’t affect the 115th and probably the other district boundaries in our area, such as state senate and congressional districts.
  • Billy is running for reelection and will soon need help in petitioning. Any NY resident can circulate petitions but signatures must be from towns in the 115th district.
  • Invite Billy to events (he’s already on the agenda for the Feb 12 JWDC meeting).
  • Contact info for Billy Jones

Commissioner Mary McGowan updated us on Board of Elections news.

  • Their office is remaining in Elizabethtown.
  • There’s a new NY State BoE website.
  • The presidential primary election will be April 2. There are three candidates (Biden, Williamson, Phillips).

May Chow (D, I) discussed her campaign for the Lake Placid Village Judge special election on March 19.

Amy Quinn (D) updated us on her campaign for County Judge. She will need our support! There’s a petition signing and distribution event at the UCC parish hall (across from the Elizabethtown courthouse) at 4pm on February 25 .

COFFEE & CONVERSATION at JAMBS on Main St. 6476 Main St, Westport Tuesday Feb 6 at 10am

New ECDC Postcard for town committees, candidates, any groups, to distribute: