Campaign Updates


With ‘Designated Petitioning” over the field of NY recognized party candidates for Congress has been reduced to two. Recognized parties are Democrats, Republicans, Working Family Party, and Conservative. The two are: Paula Collins, Democrat and guest speaker at Monday’s meeting, and NY21’s own version of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Elise Stefanik. Ms. Stefanik obviously has higher ambitions than (nominally) representing us, so Congress is kinda her Plan B.

We learned from Ms. Collins that former JWDC guests Stephen Holden (D) , Jill Lochner (R) and Brian Rouleau (WFP) didn’t turn in petitions so – unless they petition as independents – they will not be on the ballot. We can assume the Republicans will challenge Ms. Collins’s petition signatures, as they typically do, seeking to disqualify a candidate due to technicalities. As far as I know, Dems around here don’t do that and, unless there’s an obviously fraudulent campaign, I don’t think we should.

Independent petitions begins soon, and the bar is higher. Candidates need 3500 vs half that for the recognized party candidates. As far as we know, Scott Phillip Lewis, who announced last month as a Dem, but didn’t qualify because he’s not a registered Dem, is still planning to circulate an independent petition. So there may be three candidates for the House.

Over in the Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand (D) is up for reelection and has an announced challenger, Will Schweitzer. So far, we should see her and Mr. Schweitzer on the June primary ballot.