August 15 Meeting

Minutes from Monday, August 15 meeting of the Jay/Wilmington Democratic Committee

Meeting conducted at the Au Sable Acres Pavilion.

In Attendance: Frank and Sue Pagano, Knut and Marisol Sauer, Herb and Lisa Pace, Marie-Anne and Charlotte Ward, Tim Follos, Melinda Beuf, Joe De Marco and Mary Ann Dee

Frank called meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.

Early voting has started at Lake Placid Elementary School

Introduced two guests, Tim Follos of the Wilmington Town Council and Charlotte Ward, recent legislative intern for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

Started with Tim, a first-time council member who detailed recent standing room only meetings on hot button topics like Ironman, short term rentals and planning board in light of a proposed storage unit site and expansion of the KOA. He is working on tightening zoning codes, especially since the proposed Dollar Store may find another piece of property after the first site failed the “perc test” (too wet).

Charlotte Ward gave reason to be heartened with recent passage of health, environmental packages by Dems. Encouraged calling or emailing Sen. Schumer’s office as representation from the North Country is light.

Best number to call is 202-224-6542 (state name, zip or county and keep comments to 2 minutes) or email by going to website at

  • Mary Ann – Jay Day report. Successful day. Thanks to Melinda, Lynn Edmonds, Frank and Sue for staffing table. Candidates and/or family came including Jean Lapper’s husband (she running against Dan Stec), Billy Jones and his daughter, Matt Purtorti (running in Dem primary against Matt Castelli to challenge Stefanik in November) and his mother.
  • Frank – ECDC update – Two guests, Jean Lapper (NY Senate candidate) and Amy Quinn (Supreme Court Justice candidate). Openings for state and judicial delegates. Amy Quinn lost in the Caucus due to a lack of delegates from Clinton, Essex, and Franklin Counties.
  • Knut – Review and approval of Treasurer’s report. Balance $766.14.
  • Frank – Status of inviting guests to future meetings. Results of judicial caucus. Status of NY special primary. Suggestions: Dan Stec, staff from Schumer’s office, Roy Holzer (Wilmington Town Supervisor), Jason Leon (Lake Placid), Amanda Baer (ran for Town of Chesterfield Town Board)
  • Frank – Nominations for officers. Hoping to attract officers willing to ascend to Chair.
  • Marisol – Postcard and communications projects. Once primary is over and we know who will be on Democratic ticket. Also a Democratic achievement mailing proposed.
  • Towns of Wilmington and Jay Updates.

Wilmington: Tim Follos also mentioned Paula McGreevy’s resignation from town board and appointment of Michelle Preston who ran against him. Roy Holzer runs a good meeting with time for comments.

Jay: Long but sparsely attended town meetings, much business conducted, a lot of progress in addressing a backlog of issues (involving Highway Dept, parks, code enforcement).


  •       Next meeting: September 12, 2022. Location TBD. May host a joint meeting with Lake Placid and Keene.


Respectfully submitted,

Marie-Anne Azar Ward