Agenda for May 15 Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Our next meeting is in person, this coming Monday, 7pm at the Au Sable Acres Pavilion. Our guest speaker is Stephanie DeZalia, candidate for Essex County Clerk. As usual, we’ll suspend the normal agenda and allow plenty of time for Q&A.

—As time permits—
· Minutes from the JWDC April meeting

· ECDC May meeting notes

· Treasurer’s report

· Communications projects. JWDC website and social media sites have more activity, please check them out. The ECDC’s website is getting a major upgrade (by you-know-who!)

· Website:

· Facebook:

· Twitter:

· Instagram:

· Towns of Wilmington and Jay updates

· Petitioning updates

· Upcoming Pints and Politics monthly gatherings: Ledge Hill Brewery in Ticonderoga, Origins Coffee in Lake Placid, Mountain Dog restaurant in Westport. Dates and times in-work.

· Reminder to communicate with elected representatives.

· Discussion on guests to invite to future meetings

· Jay Day, 2023

· Update: Jay Candidate Forum will be mid-October.

· Next JWDC meeting is proposed to be June 12 Juneteenth (June 19)