About Us

Our mission is to aid in the election of Democratic candidates for public office, and to assist the Democratic County, State, and National Committees.

We meet monthly, typically the Monday before the regular scheduled monthly Town of Jay council meeting. 

The Jay & Wilmington Democratic Committee forms a part of the Essex County Democratic Committee.  The Town of Jay is allocated four voting delegates to the Essex County Democratic Committee and the Town of Wilmington is allocated two delegates. The ECDC is charged with the government and administration of the affairs of the Democratic Party within the County. The County Committee decides all questions relating to political policy or party government and management within Essex County or any part thereof.

JWDC Members are required to be registered voters enrolled as Democrats who reside within the Town of Jay or Town of Wilmington. To become a member, an individual must attend a meeting, request membership, agree to be bound by the by-laws. New members are eligible to vote at their second meeting of attendance.

Anyone interested in good government, regardless of residence, is welcome to attend Jay & Wilmington Democratic Committee meetings as a guest.

Elected Officers and Delegates