April 11 Meeting

Monday April 11, 2021 at 7pm.


This is an in-person meeting at the Au Sable Acres Pavilion




  • Guest Speaker is Matt Putorti, Congressional candidate for NY-21.


The following agenda items will be discussed as time permits.

  • Frank – Review of last meeting’s minutes.
  • Frank – ECDC March meeting notes.
  • Frank – Approval for $229.88 Smart Site Designs webhosting and support.
  • Knut – Review and approval of Treasurer’s report.
  • Status of inviting guests to future meetings.
  • Frank – ECDC Delegate status.
  • Marisol – Postcard and communications projects.
  • Knut – Town Board update, including status of permissive referendum petition.
  • New business – general discussion.
  • Next meeting: May 9…in person.


Frank Pagano, Chair